Make a video and win Libera tickets!

We’re running a Twitter contest, and will be giving away 2 free tickets to the Libera boys choir concert of your choice on their Libera 2019 US Tour.

Our goal is to introduce Libera’s beautiful music to new audiences. We want people to hear about Libera, discover their music, and become new fans.

One way to do that is to hear personal impressions of the choir from their current fans.

In a short video, tell us anything you’d like about Libera, the choir, their music, or what you love about them. We’re sure that your message will inspire others to listen to Libera!

Introducing Libera

Contest details:

  • The contest will only proceed if at least 5 people submit videos.
  • We encourage you to keep it simple, keep it short (60 seconds or less is ideal). Mobile phone videos are perfect.
  • Please shoot the video horizontally (landscape mode).
  • Please don’t add a water mark to the video.
  • We prefer that your face appears in the video. But voice-over videos are acceptable.
  • You may include Libera music and clips, but that’s not required.
  • The winner is the post with the most retweets by Apr 30, 11:59pm, California time.
  • Please include the following text, including the hashtag, somewhere in your post:

    Help share Libera’s music. Visit for your chance to win concert tickets. Retweet to spread the word! #DiscoverLibera

  • Only tweet your video once. It’s best if you pin it to the top of your Twitter profile then encourage people to retweet it.
  • If the winning tweet happens to go viral (1000 retweets or more), we’ll fly you to the concert from anywhere within the USA.