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Santa Will Find You CD
The Libera Christmas CD is Here!

We’re making Libera’s new Christmas recordings available on CD. Libera of the United States is distributing the CDs in soft-cover format to make them affordable for everyone.

We’ve been asked to make these recordings available in an alternate format for those without easy access to iTunes, and for those who wish to have a physical copy for themselves, or to give them out as Christmas presents.

With that in mind, we’re offering  Libera – Santa Will Find You  with all four of our new Christmas recordings, on CDs that you can order directly from this site.

We’re printing a limited number of CDs:  a single copy is $7, or 10 for $55.  Why buy just one when you could get 10 for $55 and share Libera’s music with your friends and family for Christmas! So be sure to reserve your copies by pre-ordering now while the supplies last. The CDs will be available for shipment on December 4.

A spate of snowballing and snow-angels broke out for the filming of our new song “Santa Will Find You.”

The boys created several Christmas scenes in a Balham studio for the accompanying video – thanks to a good supply of the right kind of fake snow.

Soloist Isaac London had the challenging task of delivering the touching message of the song as all kinds of mayhem developed around him.

The Libera Football Video

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put a few Libera footballs in the same room with a few Libera boys?

Take a look at our new video and find out what happens!

When you’re done watching the video, click one of the donation buttons below to receive all three colors of Libera football for yourself, your kids, or maybe as a present for some lucky person on your Christmas list.

US Donation Gift 3 Footballs
Donation within the USA – Free Shipping

As a special thank you gift for donating $60 or more, we will send you all three colors of the new Libera Football, with free shipping! The footballs include the Libera name, plus the special Libera-L logo.

This offer is for shipping within the United States only. If you wish to donate and receive the footballs at a non-US address, please click on the alternate offer below.

International Donation – Free Shipping

As a special thank you gift for donating $70 or more, we will send you all three colors of the new Libera Football, with free shipping! The footballs include the Libera name, plus the special Libera-L logo.

This offer is for shipping outside the United States. If you wish to donate and receive the footballs at a US address, you may use the alternate offer above.

Football Donations

We’re donating Libera footballs to children while supplies last. Interested in your charity or group receiving some?

Let us know by sending your contact and shipping info, as well as the number of footballs requested, to jr@libera.org.uk.

Libera Performs America!

It’s Here!  Watch Libera’s New Music Video: America the Beautiful.

Enjoy the video, then please share it far and wide, with all your friends and family. And ask them to do the same!

The Boys Need Your Support

We would love to be able to tour more, and to bring our music to even more people. However we are restricted from doing so by our financial resources. We are enormously grateful for the time volunteered by parents and many other volunteers, to say nothing of the boys’ time. However, ultimately we have to pay our bills – and taking the boys on tour is very expensive. Revenue from ticket sales is generally insufficient to cover the costs of touring with 30 boys and 10 support staff. So we rely on the generosity of our supporters.

Libera is a not-for-profit organization, registered as a charity in the United Kingdom. We also have the support of Libera of the United States, our newly registered 501(c)3 charity in the US. The generosity of our supporters is what makes it possible to create and share the sound of Libera worldwide while giving the boys a unique musical education, fantastic opportunities to perform, and friendships for life.

Thank you.
Steven R. Philipp, Chairman – for and on behalf of Libera.

Please consider making a donation to help support the boys on tour. You’ll see a variety of different ways to help out in the buttons below, or in our Libera Store. The boys really appreciate your help!

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What a Wonderful World

We’ve released our new single What a Wonderful World, from our upcoming album Angels Sing: Libera in America to be release this spring.

The single is available on iTunes. Or you may watch the music video. Help us by sharing it with 10 of your friends, and ask them to do the same.

The boys are watching the YouTube counter and hoping to see the video shared all across this Wonderful World!

Introducing Libera

If you are new to Libera, this Songs of Praise Special from 2009 provides an excellent introduction to the group.

This special, hosted by Aled Jones, includes the music of Libera, as well as interviews with the boys, the parents, musical director Robert Prizeman, and others who work behind the scenes to create the magic that is Libera.

Rest in Peace

As part of the BBC commemoration of the centenary of World War 1, Libera travelled to France and Belgium in May, 2014 to film a special ‘Songs of Praise’ episode.

This was one of Libera’s performances from that episode.

Libera Wrap Party

After Libera’s concert and filming for PBS in Washington DC, they celebrated their accomplishments with a wrap party at a restaurant and arcade.

VIP supporters of the group were invited to attend the party, giving them a chance to spend a bit of time with the boys and meet the staff that help make these tours run so smoothly.

Check out our film of the event to share in some of the fun.

From Top40Charts.com

Question: What would be the ultimate boy band?
Answer: …One that never grows up.

Impossible! Apparently not. Libera were formed in 1999 and they have never broken up and they haven’t gotten a day older. They have outlasted the very luminaries that they have performed for and to. Kings, Queens, Popes and Presidents. East to West. They have conquered America and Russia, Europe and Asia, classical and pop, hearts and minds. They have performed in cathedrals, arenas and stadiums. They have featured alongside the diverse likes of Miley Cyrus, Meat Loaf, Sir Elton John, Luciano Pavarotti and, most recently, on the much lauded Destiny game soundtrack with Sir Paul McCartney. With a sound described as both ancient and modern they are by far the UK’s biggest boy band…

“They come from the mean streets of South London but sing like little angels” – The Evening Standard

So it is perhaps surprising that this group renowned the world over are a bit of a secret to the mass public in their native England. In the USA, their TV appearances and performances on the likes of the NBC ‘Today’ show and ‘Tonight with Jay Leno’, have led to sell out concerts and chart topping positions. The boys have fans that include Robert De Niro, Cameron Diaz, Diana Ross, Steve Martin and the President himself. They were privileged to close the Kennedy Centre Honours with a tribute to honouree Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys, and then followed this with their biggest gig to date … a crowd of 65,000 at New York’s Yankee Stadium at the climax of Pope Benedict XVI’s first ever visit to the USA, the only Brits to take part in this historic event.


“When I heard them sing…..…it does remind me a lot of the Beach Boys” – Brian Wilson

And it isn’t just America that is smitten with this group of quintessentially English lads. In South East Asia, Libera are frequently heard on mainstream TV and radio and their CD’s ride high in both the classical and pop charts of countries like Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and the Philippines. On recent tours they have packed out major concert venues in Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei, where the boys were feted by thousands of enthusiastic fans who queued for hours to meet them and collect autographs. Their popularity even reaches across to Russia, where they have just returned from highly acclaimed concerts in Moscow, and they set off for a further tour of the United States in the spring.

“I like them so much, they sang at my wedding!” – Aled Jones

This enchanting new album, recorded live in America again highlights the boy band’s unique ‘celestial sounds for the modern age’ and is sure to bring joy to their legion of fans across the globe and collect still yet more like minded thinkers along the way. Pure, honest and touching, this music knows no boundaries, language, race, creed or colour. It is perhaps best summed up buy a fan…

“Glorious and soothing, hauntingly beautiful. Music is what feelings sound like, and this sound opens a door to what every soul longs for… a restful and happy place.”